Paramount importance to all WCI customers is the service offered by each member of the management staff. Each department is staffed by highly skilled personnel chosen for their expertise and training in foundry practices. Department heads alone account for 200 years of foundry experience.

Some of the WCI services:

  • Jobbing, Semi-Production, Production lot sizes
  • Design Engineering Assistance
  • Pattern shop, all patterns are checked for suitability for molding
  • Electric furnaces for Alloy flexibility, a one stop shop
  • Machining, proof to finish
  • NI-Resist & Ductile NI-Resist
  • 2-5000lb Inductotherm Coreless Induction Furnaces
  • NDE (non-destructive examination)
  • Physical, Chemical and Heat Treat Certifications available
  • Modern Pattern Storage

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