Whitman Castings Incorporated , one of the most progressive foundries in the East, is now providing "System Contracts" or the JUST-IN-TIME inventory system. One of the many benefits that this system offers is that WCI takes full responsibility for any machining or finishing that may be required.
System Contracting Benefits:
  • Elimination of customer back orders.
  • No investment required for machine tooling
  • 50 to 80% reduction in paper work.
  • Savings in reduced inventory costs
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Savings on Inventory taxes
  • Shipment of machined parts to the print

Quality Control:

  • Approved Supplier in ISO 9000 certified companies
  • Complete QC system from raw materials to finished castings
  • Constant chemistry tests at the furnace
  • Professional Metallurgical testing
  • Castings inspected for defects and critical dimensions
    by supervisory, engineering and QC personnel prior to shipment

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